Frequently asked questions

This all depends on how much you earn and spend – or the more technical term disposable income. The lender will look at your personal circumstances and assess your capacity to borrow, essentially, how much free money do you have left over to spend on a vehicle and still be able to live.

We can have a pre-approval within 24 hours. You can drive away happy in 3 business days (pending car availability). The typical time is 7 business days.

A secured car loan is a loan that that encumbers the vehicle, that means the vehicle is held as security for that loan. The lender gives the money to you to purchase the vehicle with the condition that if you fail to repay the loan, the lender can take ownership of the vehicle to recoup any costs. This is a standard process when getting a car loan and how a personal loan differs to a car loan.

A pre-approval is a conditional or non-conditional approval before you have chosen your vehicle. People will typically get their pre-approval when they are ready to secure a deal on their vehicle as this can help with the negotiation of the price you can get on your next vehicle.